VoIP Origination
UComtel VoIP Origination or incoming service is both flexible and has very competitive pricing when compared to traditional T1 lines.

Pricing and Flexibility
We have simplified our origination pricing to a flat rate per concurrent call.
On average our Virtual T1 is approximately 50% cheaper than traditional T1 lines.
If you need to add capacity, contact us and in most instances it can be added within 24 hours.

Virtual T1
Our Virtual T1 allows for 24 concurrent incoming calls and can accommodate as many DIDs (phone numbers) as required.

Termination service does not count against your concurrent call count. When a customer purchases a Virtual T1 they are restricted to 24 concurrent incoming calls, outgoing phone calls do not deduct from the Virtual T1 line.

Direct Inward Dialing / Telephone Numbers
Our lines and DIDs (phone numbers) are independent from each other. This gives great flexibility and control over incoming calls.
A customer can purchase a single DID and have multiple calls come in through it simultaneously.
On the other hand a customer can purchase a single line and have multiple DIDs assigned to it.

DIDs can be requested from different area codes and rate centers. It is not restricted to your current location.

All of our DIDs come with CNAM or Caller ID and can be set as requested.

Toll Free 8XX
Our toll-free origination service offers extremely competitive rates and is not restricted to a concurrent call limit.

Currently we offer DIDs to the north eastern United States. We will be expanding our rate centers in the near future.